I like being an adult. I enjoy independence and being taken a bit more seriously. I like taking myself seriously, too. However, having to make a budget and have the discipline to stick to it and NOT among the list of things that I enjoy about adulthood. It’s real and necessary, though. Reality is nice, but not when it shows me that my income and my expenses are just about equal. Goodbye, frivolous spending and leftover money to save. Goodbye, slightly more expensive habits born of living with my parents.
I guess it’s just the start of a phase of life where I have to be extra responsible and disciplined about my finances. I suppose that wouldn’t be a bad habit to stay in forever.
We chose a good place to do it – a little coffee shop in downtown Stillwater, this adorable little town on the banks of the St. Croix river, about an hour away from where we live. It’s a perfect example of our budgets in action. We got up at 5am to carpool, brought our own lunches, and limited ourselves to only buying coffee and tea while we’re here. You can do so much on the cheap if only you aren’t concerned about appearances and exercise a little discipline.
And I’m going to need discipline in this area if I’m going to follow God into a career as a writer, where making a steady paycheck might be hard. It’s best to learn before you’re forced into that lifestyle, right?
Budget-making forces me to think about my priorities. what do I need to spend money on? What can wait until I have a stable job? Can it wait forever if I never have a stable job? Do I really need to buy toothpaste? Maybe I should do this with my time, too, make a spreadsheet of how I want to spend my minutes.
I’m running out of summer time. The warm weather minutes in the comfort of home are ticking away, much faster than I anticipated. I’ve got 16 days left to be a homebody, to work at my jobs and see my family and Minnesota friends. That’s 23,040 minutes left.
Time to make the most of every opportunity.


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