Free and old.

I’ve been scouring the free page on Craig’s List – of course, not offering to meet anyone in a dark alley alone – because I’m a big fan of free. This is why I love noisetrade and the library. Free (minus the fines). I mean, shiny and new is good.  It has a place. There are definitely some things that you should buy new if at all possible. Vegetables, underwear, and stuffed animals, to name a few.

But I love refurbished and worth-more-than-I-paid-for-it and DIYed to new status even better than shiny and new.  It’s cheaper and funner. There’s a better story involved, and my bank account is happier.

People who walk to the beat of their own drum have an easier time with this. If you want what everyone else wants, you won’t find anything good on clearance. Granted, sometimes my response to clearance is more like a frenzied, “What-is-it-and-how-much-is-it?” than a serious evaluation of whether or not I need it. Sticker prices get me excited.

You have the chance to breathe new life into something old when you want the unwanted. When you pick up the stuff on the curb with the cardboard ‘free’ sign and paint it back into beauty, you’re participating in restoration. Perhaps because I’ve experienced that in the deep down part of my soul, I want to pass it on to everyone and thing. I want to bring the rubbish back to decor status, to make the worn and torn the centerpiece of my living room. I think that’s what Jesus would do, were He an interior decorator.

Wow, wonder if anyone has ever asked that before, what would Jesus do if He were an interior decorator? Probably. Or maybe not – a quick Google search doesn’t turn up much.

There’s still that part of me that likes to have the shiny, new, and expensive, but you can do so much more with free. There’s a better story. And I’m all about stories.


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