Staring at raindrops.

Something about rainy days makes me want to curl up with a book and stare out the window.  Book in hand, fetal position assumed, stare out window.  You’ll notice this doesn’t include actual reading.

Sometimes you just need to stare.  You watch the rain come down and let the thoughts churn in your head til you’re ready to settle into a book.  I was all prepared to enjoy some sunshine with Crime and Punishment, but then this ominous raincloud came overhead.  I told myself that it couldn’t chase me back inside. (I’m tough, dontcha know.) I would stick around. Few raindrops?  That’s fine.  Hmm, I wonder how long it takes for them to get from that cloud to my skin? Back to Raskolnikov.  Wondering how exactly Russian names and nicknames work.

Ominous cloud keeps coming.  Ominous cloud starts dripping, just a bit.  Ominous cloud starts dripping a lot, and though my stubborn nature tells me that I should stick it out even though it’s not ideal and not comfortable and not what I came out here for, I go run up the stairs as the rhythm of the raindrops gets faster.

I don’t regret coming inside.  Better to take shelter when the conditions get bad and wait for sunnier weather than to try to convince yourself that the rain is comfortable and ideal and exactly what you were looking for when you came outside with your book and sunglasses.

Five minutes later, and the sun is back out. Blue skies, not a cloud in sight.  It does happen, people.  It does happen.


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