Whoops. I forgot to blog yesterday.  I intended to, and I wasn’t even that busy.  Somehow, it just didn’t happen.  Can we still be friends?  Good.  Thanks, guys.

Today, I am officially declaring that I have declared my majors.  As a collegian, you kind of feel like an astronaut cut off from the space station until you settle on a major.  Even then, you’re still floating in space in a sense, but you’ve at least got that safety line connecting you to something sort of solid.

You knew this was coming since I’ve alluded to it before, but just let me have my moment.  I am majoring in PHILOSOPHY and ENGLISH WITH A CREATIVE WRITING CONCENTRATION.  Yay double majors!  Yay humanities!  Yay for traveling off the beaten path of majors where you might have a good chance of getting a paying job after college!  Yay for dreams and callings!

It’s not very practical, but I’ve decided that I don’t have to defend it.  I’m going to just smile and say that I don’t know what I’m doing or where I’ll be in five years, but that I do know that it’s going to be great.  Jesus will be there, and I bet He’ll provide for my needs.  Then, when we get to five years from now and that’s true, all the naysayers and questioners will say, “hey, Jesus is good.  He did call you to something then provided work and food for you. Wow, that’s great.”

At the very least, I can still blog (if that’s not obsolete by then), and you’ll still read them, right?  Oh, you precious readers.  I like you.


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