Cardigan Dream Killer and Sass Box Writer

Some thoughts about food before I get to my real story for today.  (feel free to skip past the numbers if you’re not interested in food)

  1. I like eat unpeeled carrots.  I feel like I’m living life on the edge (which tells you a whole lot about my life).  I mean, it’s more like the edge of a 5-foot-deep swimming pool than the Grand Canyon, but it’s still the edge of something.  My mom likes peeled carrots, but she’s still an adventurous person.  I like to think of my non-peeling lifestyle as preparation for life in a semi-stocked kitchen this fall.  Who knows if we’ll have a vegetable peeler? Better to be prepared than to be caught unawares.
  2. Being a veggie-o-saurus has some major perks, one being that you get to eat more and still be pretty healthy.  Exhibit A: eat a salad full of veggies and wheat berries and wheat berries.  You just stocked up on vitamins, nutrients, minerals, fiber, protein, and a whole bunch of delicious.  Also, you’re not full when you’re done.  Meaning that you can then grab a little bit of carb, which isn’t as healthy, but you feel better about it after eating such a healthy dish.
  3. Rainy, fall-ish days in summer call for a second cup of coffee around noon, just because it’s so pleasant to drink a warm, caffeinated beverage on a chilly day.

On to my little rant for the day.

I met a dream killer yesterday.  Only it was at work, so you can’t really call customers out on that.  Hey, you’re a dream killer, and I don’t like you.  Oh, yeah?  Well, then I won’t shop here and will get you fired for your snottiness.

Said dream killer came into my place of work yesterday, needing to buy a cardigan.  (Really, we’re famous for our selection of cardigans… ) Dream Killer was slightly more needy than your average customer, needing me to call numerous other stores and asking me personal questions while I was one the phone.

Dream Killer: (while I’m on hold with another store) are you in college?

Me: Yeah, I go to school in Chicago.

Dream Killer: Oh, you go to the University of Chicago?

Me: Oh, no, I go to another school in Chicago.  North Park University.

*Dream Killer looks slightly less impressed.*

Dream Killer: What’s your major? (she’s not just making small talk.  she’s doing an evaluation)

Me: I have two: philosophy and creative writing.

*Dream Killer gets disbelieving, slightly condescending look on face.*

Dream Killer: What are you going to do with that?

Me: I want to write.

Dream Killer: Like write a novel? Are you going to be the next Ms. Rowling?  (laughs like this is absurd)

Me: Maybe.

Dream Killer: *something about how you need a fallback from creative writing. do people hire people with those majors? how are you going to get a job? you should do business management.*

Now, this is where the actual account ends and I get to say what I wish I could have said then. In reality, I told her that if all else failed, I’d keep working retail and write in the side, to which she replied, “you really like it that much?”

Here’s what I wish I could have said:

Business management, really?  I don’t like business management.  I wouldn’t be good at business management.  You know what I am good at?  Writing.  You know what God has given me a passion for?  Writing.  I didn’t just pick my majors casually, like you’d pick out a cucumber in the produce section (great analogy, right?  Right?  okay, maybe not)  Haven’t you ever had a dream?  Haven’t you ever been passionate about something?  I know some people who are passionate about business, but I’m not one of them.  What if everyone who had a dream about art or music or education threw in the towel and went into business management?  What if we all sold our souls and didn’t follow our dreams and passions?  Have you never read a book or an article or an inter-office-memo that changed your life?  Have you never been influenced by art or words or someone with real passion?  By the way, lady, I have two real jobs right now.  I get paid.  HOURLY. Yeah, man.  Hourly.  And I’m not in it (it being life) for a six figure salary.  I’d be happy to live simply.  Really, I would.  So, there you go.  You go into business management if you like it so much.

End sass box monologue.

I’m sure she meant well.  I’d like to think that she didn’t mean to condescend and kill dreams.  She’s probably a really nice person who was just having an off day (even though she got a great deal on the cardigan).


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