An Open Letter to Donald Miller

Let’s talk about Donald Miller today.  Okay?  Okay.  Let’s talk about how he responded to my tweet/Vine on Tuesday, which made me ecstatic because why wouldn’t you be ecstatic if someone you admire greatly/would like to be responded to you? Donald Miller isn’t too big for his britches.  Donald Miller responded.

Well, maybe if we’re friends, maybe I should write him a letter.  I was going to contact T-Swizzle because I look like her, but I think I’d rather write a letter to Donald Miller because I’m reading Blue Like Jazz, and I feel like someone spilled my heart out all over the pages, both the good and the stuff that needs holy Clorox wipes.

Let’s just make it an open letter, since I have nothing to hide.  It’ll travel faster than a real letter anyways.

Dear Donald Miller,

You’re not like most contemporary Christian writers.  This is a high compliment.  You don’t package up Jesus and Christian spirituality into a nice, neat little box that we keep closed most of the time but open when we’re feeling holy.  Everything I’ve read that you’ve written seems like you’ve invited the reader to your soul.  I appreciate soul invitations, particularly since not many people issue them.

I bet everybody says this, but I relate so deeply to Blue Like Jazz.  That makes little sense since we have pretty different lives.  Also, just for the sake of being honest, I’m halfway through.  I haven’t even finished.  If you take a hairpin turn in the last half, I may have to retract that statement about relating.  I promise to finish though, no matter what.

Here’s something about me: I love stories.  I wish everything came in story form.  I’m not a good verbal storyteller (since it always sounds like a more substantial story in my head.  Example: This one time – it was a Thursday, yeah, a Thursday – I went to that same store that you went to, and that same person was working.  Oh… yep. that’s it.), but I could write stories, listen to stories, dream up stories, or read stories all day.  I’m really enjoying your story.  It’s a purposeful story about a journey, one that I feel like I’ve been invited to sit in on.  Thank you for that.

I just stopped at the place in Blue Like Jazz where you said that you propose to Penny once a month on the phone because she actually believes things and lives them.  (First of all, that gives me hope for the male species.)  Second, the reason I stopped is because I really wanted to know if she ever accepted.  That was 2003, so there might be another part to the story now.  You’d think the internet would help me with this, but wikipedia is strictly professional life, and google didn’t help either.   I’m nosey, but it’s just because I love stories.  Feel free to not respond to these personal inquiries.

If I’m ever in Portland, can I meet you for lunch?

I thank God for you, Donald Miller.

Sincerely (and I mean that),



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