No band-aids.

I’ve been trying to clean out a wound for a while now, but – like many of  my cleaning projects – it often sits untouched in between efforts to clean it.  It’s a deep wound, inflicted by ones who don’t see their actions as weapons and haven’t changed their behavior much.  But when I see what oozes out of that nasty thing, I can’t take it.

It’s ugly.  I think it bled at one point, but now it’s just infected.  Bitterness and anger is what usually comes out.  It needs holy hydrogen peroxide, and Jesus is faithful to provide that, even when I don’t ask.  He was the catalyst, the one who pointed out the wound and started the healing.

How do you heal something like that?  It’s not a quick fix.  And you really can’t bandage it, either.  That inhibits healing, though it hides the wound.  Band-aids have covered it up for long enough.  No, now it needs cleaning, consistent maintenance. I have a daily choice to forgive and let go.

Who was it who said that nothing worth doing is easy?  Probably someone I’d like to meet.  The only easy things that are worth doing that I can think of are recipes and smiles.

It’s worthwhile, even though I’m not the most adept at cleaning (particularly at cleaning wounds or anything involving blood or pus).  I have to remind myself of that sometimes, but it’s worth it.  Restoration always is.


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