The way I see it.

This is the way I see it: if summer would be like today everyday, it might just be the perfect season. Light breeze, sunshine all day, low humidity. Yep, it’s a good day to T off work early and sit outside for a bit.
It’s also a good day to be nice. It’s a good day to see people instead of looking at them. Today is a great day for blessing people in as many ways as I know how.
Commuting by bus gives you a lot of opportunities to be judgmental and antisocial.
1. You can choose your spot on the bus without smiling at anyone, therefore taking no chances that it might brighten their day a bit.
2. You can completely ignore your seat mate until they ask you to move are it’s their stop.
3. You can assume that the lady who set her purse on the seat next to her just hates all of her fellow bus riders and wants to be sure that none of them enter her personal bubble.
4. You can only speak to the driver when you have a complaint about how they don’t avoid potholes very well and never think that maybe they could benefit from good treatment as well
5. You can complain that you have to use public transportation since your sister got a job right put of college and needs to use the car you share to commute.
Or you could do the complete opposite of those things. You might end up being a much happier person in the same circumstances. It might just be the best part of your day, that conversation with the person you get off at the same stop with every day and haven’t spoke to yet. It might just improve your life.
And, really, don’t we all want that?


One thought on “The way I see it.

  1. Love this one Ashley. Totally agree. And….would’nt our Heavenlty Father do the same thing? Thanks for reminding us…we need reminders.

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