Peeve and pondering.

Two things:

1) Can we all stop saying” cray”? It’s just ONE syllable away from it’s much-less-annoying counterpart.  And if you say, “cray cray,” then you’re still saying as many syllables as “cray-zee,” so just say “crazy.”   Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your cooperation with this one.

2) I haven’t yet settled on what I want to do for tomorrow’s big celebratory post (big is relative, remember that… big to me, maybe not big to most), but I think it will include launching some kind of goal for myself that will be chronicled here as well as a celebratory post of sorts.  And I think I will get in touch with T-Sweezy.  It’s high time I did something.  There will be pictures.  I think I’ll save songwriting for a more emotional occasion.

I’m going to ponder number two a bit more while I go for a run.  I’m going to learn to enjoy running, and maybe – someday far in the future – I’ll be able to go farther than two miles.  It could happen, with lots of stretching and a little less heat.

That’s it for today, folks.


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