Not Stephen King.

Today’s one of those days where I start a blog post about six times, each time with a different leading sentence.  And then I delete it and go do something else, come back later, and try again.  Delete, repeat.  It just takes one sentence to get going, but sometimes it’s just the wrong sentence.  I end up going down a path that either isn’t long enough, doesn’t have a definite shape, or doesn’t really look like a place that I want to be.

Usually, these are the days where I don’t write.  These are those days that you don’t hear from me via Facebook, Twitter, and your email inbox (if you subscribe… which I hope you do) with a new post.  Because I try, and it just doesn’t feel right.

Today, however, I’m persevering.  It’s past 10pm, so it won’t be brilliant, but I remember something that Stephen King said about being inspired.  This is a paraphrase, but he said something to the effect of : Inspiration doesn’t just come to you when you want it, but since you’re a disciplined writer, when it does come, it will find you sitting at your desk, writing.

Wow, I am so not Stephen King.  He said it much better, but I’d rather not flip through On Writing to find his exact words( be my guest).  Today is discipline day.  I’m writing and publishing (semi-publishing, let’s be real) even though it’s not going to be fabulous, and it isn’t really inspired.  It’s another glimpse into my life, not that you were asking, but this is what happens sometimes.  Most days, there are a couple ideas bouncing around together in my mind, and they collide at some point, and if I’m near my computer, they go into a blog post.  

Today, I guess not much was bouncing around in there.  Or maybe they’re just the thoughts that need to stay in my head.  I don’t tell you everything, you know.  We’ve all got to have some privacy.


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