Plastic problems.

I just got a credit card in January, and I’ve been so disciplined with it…. until June.

Goodness, I got all plastic-happy.  Then I looked at my bill today to pay it, and BAM – reality slapped me in the face.  It slapped hard, folks.  And I think Reality wears rings and stuff, so the slap has a special sting to it.  We don’t need to talk specifics here, but let’s just say that it was low enough for me to pay it off in full (gotta keep that credit score good) and high enough to keep me from swiping for a while.

Yes, I think it would be good for me to use debit and cash a bit more.  Or maybe use it all a bit less. Maybe just curb my spending a bit.  Do you know how hard that is when you work in retail?  I really should have gotten a job at a men’s clothing store.  There’d be a big learning curve since I know just about squat about men’s clothing, but it’d keep me from spending my paychecks in my mind while I work.

I might have a small problem with liking clothes.  It’s not that I feel like I need to have more, it’s just that I get so attracted to them.  It’s like taking pictures: you see something beautiful, and you want to have it with you forever.

Then I remember all the better ways that my money could be used, and somehow, the clothes are a bit less attractive.  I think of how much clothing I already have and realize that I either need to severely downsize to welcome something new in or just love what’s already in my closet.

I may have ostracized any male readers today, but here’s the takeaway: Contentment is golden, credit cards are nasty tempters, and I could use my money better.  Maybe you can relate.

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