Dilution day.

Do you ever feel diluted? Like it’s the end of the day and you started out as a good, full version of you, but now you’re not all you. Like when you put ice in your lemonade and sit in the sun for an hour. It is a version of what it was, but it doesn’t taste as good. It’s an imitation of what it aimed to be.

Maybe that’s just the nature of a busy day, that it drains you a bit. Maybe it drains some of your energy and some of your better qualities. I suppose that’s why we sleep at night and start over again the next day, to refresh and refill. To be full and whole again.

Diluted. It’s different than empty. It’s just got something added that wasn’t originally there and a little bit less of the original stuff.

That’s me right now. Hence the short blog post and journey to the kitchen for sustenance.

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