I’m a newbie.  Meaning that I walk around the store with things from the dressing room to put back with a lost look on my face.  And I process returns very slowly.  And when people ask me for something in a different size, I bring it back in a different color (right size, though).

Meaning that I process someone’s coupon wrong and almost cost them $20 more than it should have.  Thank goodness people check their receipts.

Meaning that as much as I love my job, I hate being a newbie. I hate not knowing things.  I hate having to ask someone every time I press a wrong button or can’t figure out why the computer’s acting this way.  Oh, I just had to click?  That’s all? Oh. I was just one button away?  Oh. I promise I’m intelligent.  I promise it wasn’t a mistake to hire me.  I promise that I won’t ask questions forever…. probably.

Meaning that I’m learning.  And learning is slightly humiliating, which is good.  Not necessarily fun at the time, but you learn so much more from being a newbie and making mistakes than just coasting through.  I’ll look back and laugh at this sometime soon, once I can do all the basic responsibilities of being a sales associate.  For now, it’s just another thing I don’t know, but it’s character building for tomorrow.

I won’t continue in error, but I won’t slap myself every time I don’t reach perfection either.  There’s a place for both.

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