As much as I would love to fly, I feel like an adequate substitute would be sailing.  I’ve had few experiences with being on a sailboat, and all were in the same week of camp where I was paired with a girl I didn’t know who cried when our boat got stuck in the weeds.  I don’t know why she cried; it wasn’t like we weren’t ever going to get out.

Regardless of my less than positive experience, someday, I’d love to have a sailboat.  Or a sailboard.  Something that would enable me to fly across the water with wind power (and I would simultaneously paint with all the colors of the wind).

It’s a simple desire.  I’m not asking for a yacht, people.  I don’t need a cruise liner or a airplane carrier.  I don’t need a speedboat or a pontoon or even anything with a motor.

Just a sailboat.

I mean, I suppose I don’t really need it.  And if I don’t ever have one, I’m sure my life will go on happily.  I’d stick to roads with bikes, cars, and my own two feet.  You just can’t travel on water without a flotation device of some sort, unless you’d like to swim.  But you can only swim for so long and for so far.  And the boats would whiz past you, and you’d feel lonely, being the only swimmer with all the boats.

Yeah, a sailboat would be nice. I’d even take a rental.  Secondhand.  Scuffed.  Clearance boat. I just ask that it sails.


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