Just call me a plant.

Sunny days come at a maximum of two in a row in Minnesota this summer, apparently.  Just when you finally breathe a sigh of contentedness because it seems like nice summer weather is here to stay, the sun retreats and lets humidity have its way with the world.

It’ll be a treat when the sun decides to grace us with its presence again.

The weather this summer has probably been so confusing to our plants.  The long season of snow and ice that stayed far past its welcome delayed their re-enty into life.  Dormancy became the norm while frozen precipitation reigned on the surface.

Then came a week of warm weather followed by a couple of 80 to 90 degree days.  This was their cue to spring forth into new growth.  This was the time to stretch out of the soil in which they had lain dormant for so long.  It was time to dig their roots in deep and push toward the sunlight.

Just as they got the strength and energy to get up through the soil, however, Mean Old Man Winter whisked back into town like a villain from an Old Western movie, on horseback in all black.  He cackled and waved, and brisk winds and chilly temperatures  (though not as intense as before) threatened the poor little plants.  Those buds on the trees, the flowers, insect life (though I’m not totally opposed to a decreased mosquito population), shivered at the oppression thrown their way.  They longed for the sunlight, to reach beyond the chill of the winter to the sunlight and warmth of the environment where they could grow most easily.

Those poor little plants hoped.  And they didn’t retreat back into the ground, because then they’d have to start all over.  They stood their ground and waited for the sun to come back.

I think I’d like to be like those plants.


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