Dreams do come true.

As a child, we had a playhouse  in the corner of our yard.  It was little and white and had a bookshelf and a little table inside.  I loved to play house with my sister, pretending to be all grown up, an official homeowner (I didn’t know what a mortgage was back then).

Though it was terribly fun to have a cute little building in the yard to call our own, I still longed for a treehouse.  Anyone who’s seen The Swiss Family Robinson or Tarzan probably feels the same way.  My parents explained that the trees in our yard weren’t suited to a treehouse.  They wouldn’t be able to support it.  (I actually found out that two of the plants I thought were trees in our backyard are actually ginormous bushes…. talk about mind-blowing… what??!? That’s not a tree? I CLIMBED that.)

As I’ve grown up, the desire for a treehouse has never left me.  My dream office is a treehouse.  Can you imagine explaining that to your guests? And here’s out backyard.  There’s Mom’s treehouse… nope, it’s not for the kids.  That’s where Ashley works. She’s… special. *pained smile * If I happen to meet and fall in love with a carpenter, I’ll know it’s destiny and will insist on the treehouse office.

They’re funny, these little dreams I hold in my heart.  And today, that one came true, in a way.  I was sitting on our upper deck, reading my book and enjoying a rather motley pairing of lunch foods when I paused to see where the sun had gone.  (Not to keep you in suspense; it was behind a cloud)  It was then that I saw how beautiful my view is.

It felt like being in a treehouse.  Our house is on a hill, which I also just realized…  I know that makes me seem like a complete dolt, but it’s not that obvious when you’ve lived here for 19 years.  I was at eye-level with tons of leafy, old trees.  Like we’d just settled down in a forest.

Let me show you. (holla to Pearl for having a panorama feature)

imageYou may not be able to see it.  It might be one of those things that you just have to come over to experience. (we have cookie dough to bake if you do come)

It’s satisfying to realize that my life is dreamier than I thought.  I live in a treehouse.  Huh.

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