My friends, sort of… I wish.

Some experiences are almost beyond words.  Ot maybe just beyond the confines of the English language .  That’s how I feel right now about the concert I went to last night (the lineup: All Sons And Daughters, Gungor, then – my all time favorite band – Switchfoot).  I’m trying  to keep away from saying the usual clichés about concerts.  “It was SO GREAT.  Just fabulous.  They’re so GOOD.  I want to meet them!”

I’m sure that people say this all the time, but Switchfoot feels like a friend to me, not in the sense that I know them well (though I know quite a bit about them and can fill in some gaps from their lyrics) but in the sense that they sharpen me and make me want to spend more time with them.  That’s what good friends do, make you better for being in their presence.

side note: I’ve spent years, years, thinking about what I would say if I met them.  I still got nothing.  There’s too much to say and so much fear that I wouldn’t be able to convey my feelings accurately and originally.  Also, I might just stare and gape. end side note.

It’s easy to just listen to music.  It’s easy to bob my head and tap my toes and clap and smile.  That’s an appropriate response at a concert.  But I’m so attracted to Switchfoot because I can enjoy their musical and lyrical talent while being challenged.  An evening spent singing along with them drives me to take action, to live as though my life was meant for more than mere living and that I’m bound for a place where I really belong.

It’s this mix of being dissatisfied with the world we live in – a dissatisfaction that doesn’t sit idly and let the world remain unjust – and having hope that there is more to life and eternity.

It’s not too much of a stretch to say that Jon, Tim, Drew, Chad, and Jerome are – along with others like them – the heroes of the music industry by making is about more than music, about more than a beat.  They make it about living well and loving well.

And, dang.  They perform well.

I so want to be friends with those guys.  On my drive home last night (not really that late, but late enough that I was past my prime thinking phase), I was thinking that the best way to connect with them might just be to tweet them a haiku.

Tweet them a haiku.

Since when is that effective?  Nevertheless, I think I’ll do it anyways.  Here’s my haiku.

I wish we were friends.

You challenge, inspire with song.

Can we jam sometime?

Because I know most of the guitar chords, even though I’m still working on bar chords.  I can sing all of your songs, most of them with all the lyrics by heart.  I’ve been a fan since 4th grade, which I feel like should count for something.

I think those are some of the few people by which I would be totally starstruck, mostly because they are just so real.  Oh, I could go on, but I suppose I’ll close with my favorite picture of the evening.  Here’s my friend, Jon, my first guitar’s namesake.

One thought on “My friends, sort of… I wish.

  1. Wow…..I decided to try to comment once again and I can. Love it. So glad you had a good time Friday night. Heard Pias’ from church went and loved it too. Thanks again for sharing your life with me. Through your blogs, you encourage me, give me the desire to move closer and closer to God all the time and motivate me in a lot of ways too. I love you so much. Thanks again for sharing your life with me.

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