Surprise books.

I wasn’t going for “most eye-catching” ensemble when I left the house this morning, but I guess fuchsia pants and a bright red bag are not exactly subtle. They barely match, but I suppose it doesn’t matter what you wear to work if you can write press releases and get past your writer’s block to compose a few social media posts. (a little sustenance helps with that one)

This morning, I sat with my cup of coffee at the café by my place of employment to read a little bit of Charles Stanley’s book, The Source of My Strength. I stopped at Lifeway with a friend this past weekend, and they were giving them away for free to the first 50 customers.

I love surprises, especially surprise free books. (take note)

I paused to read the back cover and quickly realized that this book was meant to offer remedies for problems. And if you’re going to read a book that offers a remedy for problems, you’re going to have to admit that you have problems.

First chapter – about loneliness. What self-respecting person wants to admit that they get lonely? Probably not you.  Probably not me, either.  Yet, I’m sure everyone has at least passing moments if not debilitating bouts of loneliness. And the safest place to admit that is when you’re sitting alone with a Jesus and a book. No one will know, no one will judge.

So, I read the chapter about being lonely, because it’s hard to not be lonely sometimes, even though I’m never alone.

Just as a wrapped this post up, it started pouring rain.  Ah, the beauty.  Oh, the soothing sound of release, of clouds lettings their burdens go wholeheartedly.


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