That stands for Write Your Own Cookie Recipe.  It’s my take on BYOB.  That’s what I’m doing tonight.  I’m thumbing my nose at the plethora of creative recipes on Pinterest just because I feel the need to be an individual.

Whenever I make cookies, I use the base recipe of my family’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe, just so I can have the proportions of dry ingredients just right.  Then, I do whatever the heck I want to do with it, as illustrated with tonight’s baking endeavor.

My thoughts at 8:54pm as a stirred oats into the dough.  This is what Heaven will smell like.  Or something like this.  MMM, peanut buttery goodness.  I bet Jesus smells like peanut butter – except not to people who have allergies to it – because this smells like perfection.


I wish that you could have smelled that.  It was the start of peanut butter, chocolate chunk, oatmeal cookies.  I totally winged it, and it ended up being absolutely wonderful.

DSCN5088I’ll be up til about 11 if you want to swing by for one.




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