First day.

If you’re getting this message, it means that I’m on my way to my first day of interning.

It’s actually Tuesday night.  I’m cheating by blogging ahead of time.  I know I won’t have time in the morning since I’ve got an office to get to.

Things going through my mind right now:

Is the first day a day to make a fashion statement?  Should I dress mutely or take a small risk?  How much personality is too much?

What should I bring?  

What if I get to the office and no one notices that I’ve gotten there?  Should I just hunt my supervisor down? What if she isn’t there?  What if I say something awkward?

How early is too early to get there?  Don’t want to appear TOO overeager.  Or maybe I do.  Do I? I don’t even know my own mind.

The main question there that I’m able to answer is about what I should bring.  I have four bus passes (just in case the first three aren’t enough for two trips), multiple lip balms, lotions, band-aids (in case things get violent with a copy machine or something), a couple dollars in quarters along with a few of the other coins for good measure, lil bit of cash, my banking information, a journal, a pencil, a Tide to-go pen, another lip balm, allergy medication, ibuprofen,  Tic Tacs, hand sanitizer (what if they run out of soap in the office bathroom?), Sudafed, Vitamin C, and my credit cards in my purse.

Frantically, I’ve been looking around my room, wondering if there’s anything vital I’m missing.  hydrocortisone cream?  Markers? sunglasses? all of my office supplies? (just in case they run out… want to give the impression that I’m prepared for anything)

I almost forgot that I should bring lunch.  That’s out of character, isn’t it?

I’m going to have a great first day.  Jesus and I are going to march in there with all the humility that being an intern entails.  We’re going to make a good impression, be genuine, do hard work, and not mess up with the bus.

It’s going to be great.

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