Pictures from Tuesday, plus.

Let me paint a couple pictures for you:

  1. You are alone in your house.  It’s not creepy.  It’s nice.  It’s nice… until the CD that has been in the CD player all morning but got to the track where it skips starts making strange noises.  It was quiet for a while then started to make garbley noises every 5 seconds.  Could have been much creepier if you didn’t know that CD skipped.
  2. You haven’t eaten meat in about six months.  Then you get a case of the munchies last night at about 9:00.  You see kosher hot dogs in the fridge.  You think, hmm, maybe that sounds good. Haven’t eaten one of those in a while.  You expect it to taste better than it actually does, even though you coated it in your second favorite condiment – ketchup.  You decide that you’re a happy vegetarian and will likely go for quite some time before consuming one of those again.

Now that you’re updated on my life (in at least a couple respects), let’s talk about the Bachelor(ette).

I get the attraction… sort of.  I mean, I tend to shy away from reality TV unless it’s related to fashion or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (I have no idea why), but I get why people like to watch it.  We genuinely want these people to be happy.  We want them to find the love of their life, and we want to see it.  Or maybe we want to watch the whole thing go to pieces.

Well, by “we,” I mean the people who actually watch it.

I’m a sucker for a good love story.  Really, I am.  But by “good love story,” I don’t mean cheesy chick flicks where no one actually works out the problems that stand in their way (like being completely unsuited to each other or having major differences or already having a significant other) since kissing in the rain and yelling about how you feel about the other person with lots of strange breathing usually seems to fix that.

And I don’t mean reality TV love stories either.  Even though the thought of having a bunch of eligible bachelors brought to you so that they can try to win your heart sounds convenient and sort of flattering, it also sounds fake.  What if you didn’t like any of them?  What if none of them loved Jesus?  What if they didn’t really want to take the time to get to know you?

Aside from those questions, there’s the fact that none of the couples that have come out of the Bachelor have lasted.  Every single one has broken up.  That makes me so sad for the participants, going through so much emotional turmoil to not have it yield anything lasting.  

What if we looked to the people around us to see a good love story?  What if we satisfied our need to hear a good love story by asking the people who have been married for years how they met?  Wouldn’t that be more real?  Wouldn’t that be sweeter?  Wouldn’t we learn more from that?

I think I’m going to start being more nosey about people’s relationships.

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