Moving furniture.

I have a list of 92 books that I want to read this summer.  92.  You’d think that it’s ambitious, but I’m really playing catch-up.  How have I not read so many of the classics?  I mean, sure, I’ve read my fair share, but there are SO many that I overlooked!

So, I’ll read 92 books this summer. Or maybe that will end up bleeding over into next summer.  That’d be okay.

I’m nearing the end of my Purge, folks.  Yesterday, we turned a corner.  I moved furniture.

(this needs some more emphasis)

I… moved….. FURNITURE!!!!  *release balloons and confetti from ceiling and cue cheering track*

It’s a big deal because none of the furniture in my room had moved since I was twelve, when we stripped off the adorable wallpaper of teddy bears having a tea party and painted the walls lime green.  Then we added bead boarding and moved my furniture into the position it was in until yesterday.  My bed stuck out into the middle of the room, smack dab in the middle of everything.  I’m not sure why I thought it was space-efficient to take it from its place by the wall and move it right into my way.

And it was in my way.  I have actually tripped over my bed in my haste to get something on the other side of it.  No joke.  Tripped over my bed

Funny how when things are in your way it can sometimes take 7 years to move them out of the way.  My floor actually looks clean now (partially because I did so much cleaning work prior to the big move), and I have space to sit on the floor if I want to – and I just might!

It makes me wonder what other things I’ve been blind to, what obstacles I’ve ignored because they’ve been in my line of vision for so long.  My family will often set things of mine that have been laying around the house in my doorway, since surely I would notice it there and put it away.  I, on the other hand, typically step over it for a week without a thought before realizing that I should probably find it a home… not in my doorway.

It’s such a relief to have gone through most of my possessions and gotten rid of many of them.  I have two drawers left to go through.  That’s it.  I’m on my way to being a neat person.  I’m nearing the end of The Purge.

I’m getting rid of the obstacles and making room for newness.  I’m rearranging my life to move into adulthood.

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