Dueling lunch.

Lunch is hard.  I mean, lunch is hard when you’re the only one at home and you’ve already made macaroni and cheese twice this week.  And grilled cheese once. And salad twice. And you’re pretty sure that stir-fry is on the menu for sometime pretty soon, so you don’t want to double up on that.  Not that double stir-fry is horrible, but you’d just rather not do that.

Unfortunately, you’re limited for multiple reasons.  You’re a veggie-o-saurus with a pretty simple palate.  Plus, when you look at the same things in the fridge every day, you start to not see things.  You start to not see possibilities.  It’s just sour cream and slices of cheese and a head of lettuce that’s sort of turning red.

We vegetarians often get put in a box with lettuce.  But sometimes that gets old. Also, there’s very little protein in that box.  So, if you stay there, you might just wither away or want to sleep all the time.  I don’t want to live in a box with lettuce, for a lot of reasons.

You’d make pizza if you had dough, but who makes pizza dough for one?  Does that even exist?  Sure, it’s hard to cook for 500, but it’s equally as hard to cook for one.  Just the opposite problem.

I’m just waiting for the food muses to take over and offer inspiration.  There’s gotta be something. I can conquer lunch.  And I don’t mean conquer as in skipping it.  That’s no solution.

Lunch, I challenge thee to a duel.

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