Competition and ice cream.

I had forgotten how competitive checkers can be before this evening. Rules go out the window, eerily calm threats of taking the other person down are issued, and at the possibility of loss, surrender is preferable.
I suppose that might only apply to little boys. But it’s hardly fair to call a second and third grader little boys. Maybe I’ll call them medium boys. Not yet to the stage where I’d refer to them as ‘guys’ and certainly not to the stage where I’d call them ‘men.’
That’ll be the day I start feeling old.
This particular game of checkers was one where I forgot that you aren’t allowed to move backwards unless you’re a “king.” Once I remembered that, frustration ensued, and we had to start the game over.
All of a sudden, this rule made the game really hard to play.
I watched them play for a while, then when it turned into a wrestling match, I just sat by and asked questions like, “you can both breathe, right?”
They said they could, but that didn’t keep me from keeping a close eye on them and asking more idiotic questions. Call me paranoid, but I like for everybody to be safe and sound when their parents are out for the evening.
A game of checkers turned into a wrestling match, and when the worrier in me took hold, I offered ice cream since that’s sure to break up any fight. (granted, both participants were laughing, so it might not be considered a real fight)
Thank God for failsafes in life like ice cream.

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