Interview day.

Today is interview day.  I’ve determined that I will choose to not be nervous because it’s just a conversation with a human being, and Jesus will go with me.

It’s not til 1:00, and I’m already dressed for it.  I’ve got my hair up all professionally, and I’ve got my interview outfit on.  I’ve gone through lists of common interview questions, printed out two copies of my resumé, and thought through what questions I have about the company.

I feel a little strange putting my best foot forward (for one thing, how to I pick a favorite foot? and how do you walk when you’re ONLY putting your best foot forward?  that has to be awkward).  Even though I’m confident that I’d be a good fit for this position, the question what are your accomplishments? trips me up every time.

What the heck qualifies accomplishment?

Um, well, I got out of bed this morning without tripping over the mess on my floor.  I mean, I’m not that messy, but I just got home from college and have been getting rid of a lot of things.  So there’s a lot on my floor.  That’s not really what you asked, but, um….  

Filler words.  Tangential comments.  Bad response.  Let’s try again.

Well, I got a bunch of awards in high school.  I mean, some of them were for volleyball, so you probably don’t care too much about that.  And since I went to a small school there wasn’t a ton of competition, so that doesn’t mean much, I guess.  I got scholarships for my college, but pretty much everyone does at North Park.  

Really, what makes something an accomplishment?  Is it just the achievement – without regard to the competition or difficulty?  Or is it the amount of difficulty or the number of obstacles there were in your way that make it an accomplishment?  Does it have to be recognized by somebody else for it to be an accomplishment?

Oh, please, interviewer, don’t ask that question.  And, Jesus, if she does, give me something good to say.

This’ll be an adventure, an interviewing adventure.

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