Purge number 2.

I thought I had purged through my belongings last summer before I left for school.  I thought I’d gotten rid of tons of things, that I was down to a reasonable amount of possessions.

Insert picture of my room, in words since I’m too ashamed to show you the real thing:

You cannot walk in there.  Not even one step.  Thankfully, I got everything to a point where I can now open the door almost fully, but it’s a squeeze.  There are boxes everywhere, and since I haven’t unpacked them but have needed things that are in them, they have a little halo of their contents around them, too.  There’s a set of drawers sitting on my floor as well as an easel, a printer, three shopping bags, and a pile of clothing.  I already had boxes of things that I didn’t know what to do with lining my room before I came home, so that just adds to the mess.  My bed hasn’t been made yet today, and my closet is full – but I still have belongings from college to put in there.

Then there are those four boxes in the entryway that have been sitting there since they arrived in Monday a la USPS since I had no where to put them.

This is one of those moments where I could panic and say I don’t know where to being, so why not just sit here and stress about it some more.

But instead, I shall listen to a podcast and start pulling things out of my closet.  I’ll increase the mess in order to decrease the amount fo stuff I have.  I will make multiple trips to Goodwill and will save my tax-deductable receipts.  I’m going to pare down my life because if college has taught me anything (which is has, many things other than this), it has taught me that I can live simply and in a small space.  I have a feeling that will come in handy later in life.

So, without further ado, I begin PURGE NUMBER 2.

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