What you do on Fridays.

Sometimes you don’t blog for a couple days because you just finished your freshman year of college, but you don’t want to say anything cheesy about it before you’ve had some time to process it.  So you put it off, because you know you want to write about it, but you want to do it well, you know?

So, you wait and think and wait.  And you start a food blog because it seems like it would be a good idea.  And you leave campus, not to return for a few months – waving goodbye to freshman status, dorm life, and cafeteria food.  You hug good friends and wish you could combine your life at home with your life at school so that you never had to miss anyone.

Then you climb in the car that is filled to maximum capacity of all the things you had in that little dorm room of yours and bring a friend with you to help put off at least one goodbye.

And you quick write a blog post while it’s still Friday so that you can blog without feeling annoying on Saturday as well.

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