The irreverence of autocorrect.

Autocorrect is so irreverent.  I’m a fair weather advocate for autocorrect.  Sometimes it’s helpful, and sometimes it changes “bittersweet” to “hitters week,” and I almost don’t see it.  It almost made that heartfelt tweet into something incredibly confusing and possibly violent.

I type things about Jesus on my phone all the time because He’s kind of a huge deal.  I’ve never, ever, ever typed “Jesus wept.”  It’s a good verse but not one I typically share with my friends to encourage them.  Still, every single time – every single time – I type “Jesus,”  it predicts the next word as ‘wept.”

Obviously my phone doesn’t really understand my faith.  I think I need to tell it about how Jesus does so much more for me and all of humanity than weep.  Because, really, that’s not the point of it.

Pearl, you need a better understanding of Jesus than that.

She predicts what she thinks I’m going to type next, so I’m just going to let her pick the words of a sentence about Jesus.  Let’s see what she thinks.  Here’s her sentence suggestion (I picked the top suggestions after “Jesus wept,” one word at a time):

Jesus wept over Jerusalem the time to time and money on the phone with a coffee cup of coffee and tea and coffee and tea and coffee. I saw the pictures of the other person is a time of preparation for the first time but I know that the struggle of high school drama does not compare to the word spoken to you by the way to fix the problem.

Well. That made a lot of sense.

Apparently I tie Jesus in with coffee a lot and talk about high school drama (have I ever typed that?!?!?).  I suppose this is just a reminder to check my texts before I send them, making sure that I haven’t said anything atrocious.

Oh, autocorrect.


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