Regaining humanity.

We all know what I could be doing right now.  I could be studying Microbes and Society.  I could be reading for Personal Health.  I could be writing for Old Testament Poetry and Wisdom Lit.

I could be packing up all my knee socks since I probably won’t need them this week.  I could be making a list of all the things I should do before I leave.

But, instead, I’m blogging.  Sometimes, it’s a discipline, to take time to write something completely non-academic every day (but sometimes I skip days).  I’m taking time for creativity since biology surely doesn’t need it, personal health doesn’t appreciate it, and packing definitely requires it but in different capacities than I’d like to exercise it right now.

We spent the weekend on Michigan time, which shouldn’t mess you up too badly since it’s only an hour ahead of central time, but I think it did a number on me.  Either that, or the staying up late, not having much of a set schedule, waking up early, and going back and forth from Chicago to Michigan and back for finals has made me feel all messed up.

It’s okay. I just need a reset.  That’s what my mom said at dinner tonight.  “I just need a hard reset.  A good night of sleep, a shower, then I’ll be good.”

Maybe it’s less of a reset and more like restart.  We’re not going to have to rewrite the hard drive or anything here, we just need to close all the programs, be quiet for a little bit, then boot ‘er back up again.

I think the fact that we’re talking about ourselves like computers is an indication that we may not be at our human-est right now.

I’ll be back to spew words into posts tomorrow, after I shut down for a little bit.  I think I’ll have regained some humanity then.

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