Dental Wars.

It’s May fourth.  And if I didn’t feel like such a hypocrite saying it, I’d say something about Star Wars and May the fourth…  But I feel that it’d be inappropriate for me to just jump on the bandwagon today since I’ve never actually watched any of the Star Wars movies from beginning to end.  I’ve seen sections of the old ones on TV and part of one of the newer ones when I nannied this summer, but I’ve never stuck with it from start to finish.

So, that confession made, I will refrain from wishing you anything related to Star Wars today.

Today’s the day that Brooke picks up her cap and gown and visits her Holland, MI friends.  Today’s the day that I sit in a hammock and write a paper about Ruth.

I should probably also brush my teeth at some point.

Something about not being in my normal environment makes me forget key things, like brushing my teeth.  Man, I’m just full of embarrassing confessions today.  Now that you’ve been invited into these deep, dark secrets of lack of Star Wars knowledge and dental hygiene, you are free to go about your day.  You can forget that I ever told you.

Maybe take this opportunity to brush your teeth and think about if you are actually qualified to post a facebook status about Star Wars.

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