It’s a good thing that there are 253 page pdf owner’s manuals online for smartphones.  It’s self-help.  Not that I’m into being completely independent all the time, but ti’s nice to be able to repair your own things.

Nice and cheap.

This moment marks eighteen and a half hours until I get to see my family again, after seven weeks of being apart.  I know it’s not the longest time ever, but it feels long.  I’m ready to be at home with them, in the familiar but sort of unfamiliar places of my suburban Minnesota hometown again.

I’m ready to be back in the Land of 10,000 Lakes where they sell Kemp’s ice cream and Caribou coffee and people say “bayyyg” instead of “bag” and “pellowah” instead of “pillow.”  I’m ready to get used to living without excessive street noise as the soundtrack for every night.  I’m ready to drive directly to places instead of taking the roundabout way on the L.

I’m ready to bring my heart home to the people who know it best, to sit with my mom in the mornings and drink coffee together.  I’m ready to find out what your first summer back at home after being away at college is like.  I’m ready to see what Jesus wants to do with these three months where I have no plans.

I guess you could say that I’m ready to be home.  I’ll be happy to stay here another week; I’ll live where I’m planted.  But I’ll be glad to be home soon.


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