Technology challenge day number 2.

Today, it’s May, and I’m trying to figure out what faith looks like when your phone is out of commission.

Photo on 5-1-13 at 5.17 PM

For real though.  I think Jesus cares about me when I lose my main method of communication.  So, I don’t think it was entirely stupid or shallow of me to pray over my phone when it started having seizures this morning. (This has happened before… sketch.  Here’s the post from the first time.)

But then should I have expected it to immediately start right up?  Should I presume that Jesus wants to fix my phone?  What if He was the one who made it go haywire?  Maybe I should thank Him in advance for the lesson He’s going to teach me through this period of time without my mobile device.

Maybe Jesus wants me to simplify my life, go back to having a flip phone (actually, I didn’t have a flip phone… it was a sliding one).  Maybe I need to live without a phone in order to appreciate what I had when I had one.

Since Pearl seizes up every time the battery is in her, I took the battery out.  I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that I have put the battery in about 5 times today, just to see if she had a miraculous recovery.  Is that what faith looks like?  Checking up to see if Jesus has answered my prayer in the way I wanted?

I’m not sure if that’s how a faith-filled person should act.  Here is what I am sure about:

  • I shouldn’t be devastated when my nice, little smartphone stops working
  • There’s definitely something to be learned from this.
  • I will survive.  Maybe even thrive.

So, that’s Wednesday for you.  Trying to figure out how faith fits into technology crises.


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