April 30th, 84 degrees.

The sun has left me about 50% of my brain function today.  It’s about 84 degrees currently, and the breeze is helping us all to thoroughly enjoy sitting outside.  It’s days like these where my campus seems like a true community.  Frisbees are almost hitting people right and left, and as more people get out of class for the day, the grassy area of campus gets more populated.

In case you’re wondering why a sunburned person like me is outside, let me just assure you that I am in much better shape today.  My skin feels almost normal again.

Also, I’ve got on SPF 50.  I think that should be sufficient protection.

It’s April 30th, as in the last day of April.  Where did the rest of the month go?  I’m trying to figure out exactly how it became today, the threshold to a summer month.  I’m fairly certain that I spent most of April in the library, which is appropriate.  If there’s any time of life to live in the library, it’s college.

Now I have a week and a half of my freshman year, so I have to think about how to finish well. Finish, as in, I will be leaving next Friday, never to have these classes and this specific school year again.  It’s bittersweet, as most goodbyes are.  I’m pretty bad at goodbyes, if I haven’t already iterated that here.  You should know that.  If we ever have to say goodbye, I’m sure I will be awkward about it or say it too early (then have to say it again when it’s actually time to part ways) or try to refrain from saying it at all. It’s okay, I know that about myself.

Fortunately, I have a few days to prepare myself for the goodbyes.  For now, it’s April 30th, and the temperature is still 84 degrees.

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