spring beauty

Some days are almost too beautiful for words.  Not that words aren’t beautiful or don’t convey beauty well, but they just don’t seem to suffice sometimes.

Like today.  Today the Windy City has more of a gentle breeze.  The sun barely hides behind the clouds at all, and you can feel its heat on your skin.  Our campus has come out of hibernation today, to play frisbee, soccer and to lay in the sun.  Then there are those poor orchestra kids who have to rehearse their oratorio… inside.

It’s beautiful all right.

So many things about today just scream beauty.  It’s yet another reminder of the creator of beauty, the one with the imagination and power that brings about days like these.

It kind of leaves me at a loss for words.  All I can say is, “so beautiful…”  again and again.

Ah, spring.  Thank you for being here today.

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