Books and such.

I started adding books to my summer reading list this morning, and it almost made me want to retract my applications for summer jobs.  But then I remembered that groceries and plane tickets and child sponsorships cost money, so I decided to keep up the job hunt.

It seems that no matter how many books I’ve read, I’m still behind.  There are always classics that I’ve been meaning to get to that have just slipped through the cracks.  Then there are those new books that keep coming out (don’t they know that they shouldn’t publish any more high-quality literature until I’ve caught up?!?), so I have to add those, too.

Speaking of books, I know a place that has a bunch.  I spend a lot of time there.  Yep, it’s the library.

That’s pretty much where I live, in that green chair in the first floor on the left side as you’re about to go up the stairs.  Sometimes I mix it up, but that chair has an outlet next to it and is near the reference section, so it works out well.

It won’t be appropriate to spend four out of seven days a week at the library once I graduate.  So, it’s good to do it now.  That’s my stage of life: part-time jobs, living in a dorm, going to classes, and having a special spot in the library.

Maybe that’s what it means to be 19.

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