Tuesday dreams.

It’s just another Tuesday where the rain pours down outside, I stare into space frequently, and I get ten times more done than I did on the sunny day prior to this one.

This is what I did yesterday.  Dried my finger and toe nails in the sun.

As you can tell, it wasn’t the most productive day.  Unless you, like me, consider a slight sunburn on your nose and a tan line on your neck –  that only you can tell is there – productivity.

Rainy Tuesdays are good days to ponder what you want to do with your life.  They’re good days to talk to your advisor. When he asks you what you want to do after college and you say, “Well, I just want to write, but you can’t tell people that you just want to write…” it’s a good time for him to respond, “You can tell me that,” with a smile.

So you are immediately relieved from having to explain what you mean by that, because all you know is that you want to write.  You aren’t particularly interested in being a poet or a journalist, but you wouldn’t turn down an offer to be a novelist or a screenplay writer.

Unfortunately, people don’t just hire novelists.  So when you say that you just want to write, maybe novels, maybe just stories, maybe screenplays, people give you blank stares (unless they are extremely special.  then they get excited for you… like my mom and dad and a select group of other people) and half smiles.  You know that they’re wondering why you aren’t making a real contribution to society.  And they’re wondering if you enjoy living in a cardboard box and eating saltine crackers, because that’s what you’ll be able to afford unless Oprah picks your book for her book club.

And that doesn’t really matter to you.  You’re not super concerned about the paycheck.  You’d just like to put words on paper and tell stories and make people think.

That’s really it.

So you talk about that and decide that you’re okay with the stigma of looking like you’re an underachiever since you don’t know what life after college holds, but it’s definitely not six figures.

At least something is certain.

That’s Tuesday for you.

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