Hallway praising.

I’m in the hallway.

You’ve probably been here before, too.  I walked out one door and found myself in the hallway, not sure of where to go next.  There are a few doors here: one that is slightly open extremely heavy, one that is locked shut tightly, a really small one that I think might be unlocked, but I’ve no hope of ever fitting through it, and a window – but we’re on the second floor, so that’s not really an exit.

I’m not really sure what to do. I’ve got time, energy, skills, but no idea what to do with them for three months while I’m home.  All I know is that I have absolutely nothing planned for my summer.

I’m in the hallway.

I might not even need to stay in this building.  Or maybe I need to recruit a strong friend and shove the heavy door open.  Maybe it’d be better to find the key to the locked door.  Maybe I need to learn to scale walls from the second floor down to the first.  Maybe I need to squeeze myself through the tiny door, get squished a little.

I don’t think I’m here by accident.  I’m pretty sure that I got put here for a reason.  Maybe it’s to figure out that the hallway doesn’t just have to be a place we go through.  Maybe it’s a place to stay for a bit.  Maybe I’ll discover something about the hallway that I didn’t know about before.

My dear friend, Christina, who has just begun her blogging journey at “Thoughts From A Porch Swing” had this quote on her Facebook a little while ago: “Until God opens the next door, praise Him in the hallway.”

I’m in the hallway.  And I’m praising.

I’m so excited to tell this story in four and a half months.  “I had my whole summer in front of me, no plans.  I didn’t have a job, kept trying to find one and getting doors shut, didn’t have any trips planned, no agenda at all.  THEN, Jesus did this….”

I’ll keep you posted.  The end to that story will come.

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