Flood Day.

April showers bring… flood days.

What a beautiful way to start Thursday: sitting in the dark, listening to the cars outside my window whiz through the puddles.  Ohhh, and there’s the thunder.  Rainy days are special to me, not just because they make me sentimental and cause me to rethink all my life choices.

I have a beautiful memory of standing out on my driveway a couple years ago, all decked out in my rain boots and rain coat, holding an umbrella.  I was there to watch the lightning and listen to the rainstorm symphony.  It really was like a 5-sense concert: thunder crashing in my ears, lightning flashing bright across the sky, the sweet, sweet smell of rain and renewal, raindrops hitting my face since I wasn’t content to just sit under the umbrella and not experience anything.

The symphony played for me.

Really, it was like God had just wrapped up a love song for me in the rain.  He conducted and watched me revel in His majesty.

Lord of all creation, of water, earth, and sky, the heavens are your tabernacle.  Glory to the Lord on high.

Eventually, I had to go inside.  The rain has started to settle down a little bit, and it seemed like the lightning show had ceased.  I don’t know what it was in me, but I just wanted to see the lightning light up the sky again.  Just once.

So, I sheepishly asked, Jesus? One more time?

This was His response.

Oh, how He loves us.


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