Skating dreams

For the past couple weeks, I keep finding myself wanting to go skate.  Like, on ice.  In my mind, I’m skating on a piece of ice that extends indefinitely in every direction so I have no danger of hitting the boards.  There’s no one around, so it doesn’t matter that I haven’t skated in at least a year and will probably not look the most graceful.

And let’s be honest, I’m kind of a klutz since I have feet, so no one needs to see that.

I don’t know what it is, but I, like Joni Mitchell, want to skate away on a river.  (She’s from Canada, I’m from Minnesota…  this must be the reason)  I mean, I’m not picky.  I’d take an extra smooth lake.  Or just a gigantic ice rink.

It’s not a dream that I can fulfill right now, like many of my dreams.  However, I can fulfill the dream of having my philosophy paper edited.  I can fulfill dreams of productivity.

I could even do it in the library.  I could put away my laundry the day after I laundered it…  I could be Jesus to the people around me.  That’s a dream worth fulfilling.  I could drink another cup of coffee.  I could wear a skirt today (it’s Skirt Wednesday, so that’s a definite need… people set their calendars by me).

I’ll just start there and work my way towards an ever-lasting ice rink.


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