Ripple effect.

One of my accomplishments from college I’m pretty proud of: I can now clean hair out of the shower drain without gagging.  This is big, folks.  It probably took a semester, but I can do it now, perhaps even while smiling.

I’m making a difference in my dorm, one shower at a time.

But, really, I think it does make the world a better place that I take the time to do that.  It’s so easy to forget that my actions have a ripple effect.  Will you just humor me and imagine a little scenario with me?

Y’all are so obliging.

Because I cleaned out the shower drain today, someone else will see the absence of hair later today.  It might just make them a little bit more prone to shower than they usually are.  Then, because they smell so good, they will make their roommate so happy that they will walk around with a smile on their face for the rest of the day.  Then they’ll smile at someone who has had a really rough day.  And it’ll be a real smile, enough to lift that person up just a bit.

I practically just made someone’s day.

That’s not all I’ve learned during this year at college, but it’s definitely a life skill that I treasure.


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