Beautiful exchange.

I walked up to the divine customer service counter, sure that my exchange wouldn’t go through.  The items I held had lost their tags long ago, were far past the typical 90-day return policy cutoff, and they had signs of use.

I held them anyways, waiting my turn in line.  The best I could hope for was getting rid of these.  I doubt they’re worth any store credit, much less enough credit to get the things I want.

Let’s see here; I’ve got a garment of Anger, one of Bitterness, another of Pride.  I’m wearing Anxiety (maybe I should have changed my clothes before I got here… how embarrassing).

And the things I want?  Holiness, Forgiveness, Grace, Mercy, Humility, Peace…  I would ask for more, but I think there might be a direct exchange program.  I probably could give them my Fear and Shame, too.

As I should have expected, when my turn came (which was pretty instant), I didn’t even have to ask.  Jesus, the ultimate service personnel, simply looks at me with compassion and love.  I look down and realize that I’m not longer holding my long-expired, rags of attire.  Instead, I’m clothed in all the things I wanted and more.  Hey, that’s long-suffering – I didn’t even know I needed that!

He clothes me in his righteousness and reminds me to come back all the time – or maybe just stick around.

It’s a beautiful exchange.


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