Waffles and decisions.

IMG_2269If you’re going to study on a Friday night, you should do it with a waffle.  I already ate mine, otherwise I would take a picture so you’d know how to do it rightly.

You should probably head to a cafe with a phone booth inside and chandeliers and jazzy music (like “On the Street Where You Live” by Dean Martin) and a funny name.

Take good friends with you, too.

It’s been rainy all week, drizzly and gloomy.  But the gloom is good.  It fosters an atmosphere of thinking and reflection.  I make life decisions in the rain.  Decisions abound as I slosh through the puddles in my plaid rain boots.

My hair frizzes in the rain though.  My makeup washes off.  But it doesn’t really matter because I’ve been productive in these puddles, with these droplets of water falling from the clouds.  We can’t just love the rain for the green grass and drizzly, decision-making atmosphere.  Love it for the frizzy hair, too.

I’m taking all the rain has to offer.  And I’ll accept the sun-kissed skin and the brightness when it comes, too.

Update: we are now witnessing a blind date going on at the table on the other side of the room.  It’s fabulously awkward and romantic.


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