Monday, loving

We had a rain boot morning here in Chicago.  It was a lovely, dreary start to the week which gave way to 62 degrees, sunshine, and gale force winds.  If I blow away today, I’ll try to find a way to let you know.

I keep flashing back to my early elementary sunday school class where my teacher told us all very seriously that we needed to love everyone.  everyone.  It wasn’t a total shock to me, so I decided that I would develop the warm fuzzies for everyone I came into contact with.

Quickly, it became apparent that the goal was unattainable.  I’ve discovered that not only am I not very good at loving, I’m entirely incapable in many cases.  It was a rather disappointing discovery.

As I grew older, I started to understand love as more of a choice.  I know there are those who think that you can’t choose who you love, but I think that is complete nonsense.  Love is an action, right?  It’s a verb (John Mayer reference here).  And you choose what you do, right?  At least for the most part?  (We can talk more in-depth about whether or not we’re actually free to do as we please without asking leave of anyone else over coffee sometime if you’d like) so if love is an action and you pick your actions, why wouldn’t it be obvious that you pick who you love?

And then why couldn’t I show love to everyone?

That begs the question, how do you show love to people you don’t know?  I mean, you may think that smiles show love, but they might be interpreted as condescension by someone else.  So, if you try and have good intentions, does that count as loving?

And what about genuineness?  What if I actually don’t care about someone but show them loving actions anyway?  Is that even worth anything?  Can I actually care about everyone?

Probably not on my own.

It’s one of those days where the loose ends are flapping in the gale force winds.  It’s a day where I just eat another bite of cake and keep thinking because that’s productive at least.

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