Post-Easter post.

In case you weren’t already notified, yesterday was the day we commemorated the most pivotal moment in the history of the world: the day when Jesus conquered death so that we could truly live.  It’s called Easter.

That’s had me thinking about what it means to truly be alive.  I’m really not a science-y person, so the whole beating heart and brain function thing doesn’t really sum it up for me.  That’s what it means to have an animated body, not an invigorated soul.

I think my philosophy professor would say that to be truly alive is to be free.  Now, how one becomes free and what that even means is a whole ‘nuther matter.

Somehow, even though the puzzle is incomplete, the picture of freedom keeps coming back to redemption for me.  Even though it means that I’m dependent on another for my redemption and the ensuing freedom, somehow I don’t think I could be free without it.

I think that’s what it means that Jesus’s death set us free to truly live.  The free are the redeemed.  Those who have been bought at a price but not held enslaved because of their unpayable debt.

I could be in debt forever, but I am free.  And because I am free, I truly live.

Invigorated soul, not an animated body.

And because we mentioned the word ‘redemption,’ of course this song came to mind: “Redemption” – Switchfoot


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