On burdens and ordinary people.

I’m meeting a friend and her son at one of the many cupcakes places in Chicago tonight.  (Really, there are a lot of cupcakes places.  It’s incredible.)  She’s one of the wonderful women from the group I went to India with, a little over a year ago.  My excitement for the reunion brings me back to the story of how God brought that particular ministry and passion into my life.

Some parts of the story aren’t something I can post online, but I’ll include what I can.

It’s funny how God takes a whole bunch of – seemingly – insignificant and unrelated happenings and brings them together into a beautiful story.  I may have posted about this before, but I think it’s incredible enough to re-tell.

I first learned about human trafficking while watching Sue Thomas F. B. Eye, when they caught a man who had shipped a group of people to America in a storage container and had been keeping them in there for weeks.  At the time, I was in 4th or 5th grade, I think, and it horrified me, the type of horror that leaves you speechless but not for lack of questions.  It just knocks the wind out of you.

Then, after 9th grade, during my last few months of having braces, we went to Connecticut on vacation.  On a rainy night, we rented Taken, experienced similar horror at the atrocity and truth of the storyline.  Then, promptly the next day, we walked into the small town on Long Island Sound where we were staying and saw a bake sale that was raising money for Love146.

God placed a burden for people who’ve been oppressed through human trafficking and slavery that day.  And He hasn’t lifted that burden ever since.  Instead, the need for action has been driven deeper and deeper into my soul.  God didn’t lift my burden, didn’t take away the drive I felt to do something.

No, instead, He gave me an outlet.  He put people in my life who saw that He’d given me creativity, gave me the skills I needed, and inspired the Kalos Splanchna jewelry line.  He gave me a way to make a difference by donating the proceeds I made to a program that gives women in India empowering skills and introduces them to Jesus.

The burden never left.  It got deeper, and when I got the opportunity to go to India, to see instead of simply hear, it weighed on me even more.  It’s still there.

Today is SHOUT OUT day for the End It Movement.  So, this is my shout out, my testimony about how God uses ordinary people, who may even be a little reluctant and feel unqualified, to bring His kingdom, the place where justice and right reigns, to earth.

This is the song of my heart today: “Whom Shall I Fear” – Chris Tomlin


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