Commencing “Testimony Week”

One of the best things about writing a blog is that I make the rules here.  I don’t have to operate off someone else’s prompts.  I write about whatever is on my heart or mind.  Or I can just write about what I’ve eaten in the past couple days. But I already documented that on Instagram.

So, because I can, I’ve decided to officially declare it TESTIMONY WEEK on Journey To Who I Want To Be.  

It’s holy week.  And I’ve recently been re-re-re-reminded (that wasn’t a stutter, I’ve just forgotten this a lot, thus the many reminders) that my life is all about Jesus.  And my writing is no exception.  A wise woman once told me that people can argue with your doctrine – and they likely will -, but they can’t argue with your experience.  Not that you wonderful people argue with me much (except Dawn, since she doesn’t agree with me about telemarketers:)), but stories are powerful.  That’s really the point.  True stories can change lives.  And it’s good for me to reflect on my story.  Maybe it’ll encourage you, too.

I bet a lot of you have heard the verse, “We all like sheep have gone astray” (Isaiah 53:6).  I really hate being compared to sheep, mostly because I know they don’t smell very good and have a reputation for being extremely unintelligent.  Yet, I still see that pattern of sheep-like behavior in my life.

And I also see the Good Shepherd consistently pulling me back to Him, where I belong.  I don’t think that Jesus wants me close to Him because I’m such a nice, fluffy sheep with so much to offer Him.  I think it’s because of the deep love He has for me, a love that I did nothing to earn.  He knows that anywhere where I am without Him is a place where I can and likely will be hurt.

I once was lost but now am found.  

I can’t say that I remember a life without at least an infusion of Jesus.  My parents took me to church every Sunday with them and lived out a life of faith as an example for me at home and everywhere else.  They made sacrifices so that I could go to a private, Christian school, and that was where I truly met Jesus.

I’m pretty stubborn, so I learn slowly.  Years of hearing about Jesus as more than a religious figure took root and started to produce fruit in my life in middle and high school.  I’ve learned over the years that though Christianity seems foolish to those outside it, there is no relationship more fulfilling than the one I have with my Savior.

It seems silly, doesn’t it, that you can have a relationship with someone who is completely other than you, that you can communicate with someone who doesn’t often speak audibly, that your entire life can be determined by being that you’ve never even seen face-to-face, someone that words fail you to describe.  But I’m not crazy.  I’m whole.  Complete because I’ve encountered and walked with God.

I’m letting Love consume my life.

“Where Your Heart Belongs” – Mainstay — this is what I woke up with in my head this morning.


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