It’s one of those sleety days where you thank God for string cheese and that sleet is outside.  Or, perhaps that’s just my response to the gloom.  It’s goal time, folks.  I’ve got 8 weeks left of my freshman year, and I need some goals.

Goal #1 – Stay connected to people who are far away in body but close in heart.  It’s easy to say, “Oh, I’ll be back home in two months.  We’ll catch up then.”  But you really can’t catch up on two months.

Goal #2 – Don’t get sick.  I’ve already had three colds (maybe four) and a sinus infection since September.  Operation: Stay Healthy is in effect.  My plan to eradicate illness includes eating more protein (since apparently that boosts your immune system), eating more spinach, and protecting my 10:30 bedtime with all that is within me.  If I start saying that coffee is a substitute for sleep, someone please slap me (cyber-ly).

Goal #3 – Use all my Groupons.  Particularly since they expire at the end of May.

Goal #4 – Appreciate every day, even when spring and summer seem far off and I have to take biology.

Goal #5 – To (as my pastor exhorted us yesterday) take up my cross everyday and rely on the God who daily bears my burdens.

Do you set goals?  Do you keep them?  I have a hard time remembering mine.  I need to have sticky notes all over the place to keep my mind fresh.  Remember that time where I said I wasn’t going to complain about the cold?  I’m pretty sure I haven’t kept that consistently, particularly as winter keeps dragging on.  (that wasn’t a complaint. that was a fact.)

Here’s to keeping goals and to finishing Monday with as much strength as I can muster on the Monday after spring break ends.


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