The cream filling.

I bought two pairs of shoes yesterday.

These ones are Dr. Scholl’s.  And let me tell you, these commercials where people aren’t bothered by anything since they’ve got Dr. Scholl’s shoes are not just pulling your leg.  The way these shoes feel on my feet makes me want to dance.  That’s definitely saying something.

The purchase is far from frivolous.  It’s just plain practical.  We all know how much I walk all over the place.  Or if you don’t, let me tell you: I walk all over the place in Chicago.

On the other hand, I met a lady who was buying 8 pairs of shoes.  At once.  And she wasn’t done shopping.  She was leaving the shoes at Macy’s to pick up when she was done.  I’m trying really hard to not be a judgmental gal here, but as I stood behind the lady with my one pair of shoes (the other pair I bought yesterday, red high heels), I couldn’t help but wonder: why???????

So, instead of judging her —  because I don’t think Jesus would condemn someone for buying 8 pairs of shoes and also because I’m not Jesus and have no right to judge — I’m going to come up with as many reasons as I can for buying 8 pairs of shoes in one go.

1. She has 8 children who all need new shoes at once.

2. She wants to give the shoes to someone but doesn’t know their size, so she’s buying all the sizes and will return the rest once she knows the person’s size.

3. She doesn’t have any shoes (except the ones I saw her wearing) and needs… 8? … okay, maybe that one doesn’t really work.

So… maybe that’s all I can come up with.  I would like to compare her to this cupcake that I ate this evening.  It was beautiful.  Actually, you can see what it looked like:


Look at that.  It looks just like a lovely chocolate cupcake with a “y” iced on top.  It’s pretty.  And that’s all I can see.  That’s all I saw when I ordered it.  Just like all I could see of my 8-pair friend was the fact that she bought 8 pairs of shoes.  (can you tell that I can’t get over that??)

But sometimes, inside the cupcake – or inside the 8-pair friend — there’s a happy, little surprise.  Like marshmallow cream.  And you had no idea that it was there, but it’s a great surprise.


I’d like to think that I would be delightfully surprised if I found out why this lady was buying 8 pairs of shoes.  It’d be like marshmallow cream filling.

That’s called giving the benefit of the doubt, folks.

Also, cupcakes stuffed with marshmallow cream are just about the hardest thing to eat in public, ever.

*shout out to my mom, who is sitting on the couch adjacent to me and has asked to be included in this post.  She’s the woman who taught me to appreciate the little things, like marshmallow cream filling.*


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