Phil Collins and a bouquet.

I watched Mulan last night with two sweet little girls.  It might be my favorite Disney movie, partly because it’s just so empowering… so empowering that one of the sweet little girls fell asleep before [SPOILER ALERT] the Huns even got covered by the avalanche.  Since it was on VHS, we had to rewind before the movie started, and I saw a trailer for Tarzan.

So, naturally, Phil Collins and I are spending some time together this morning.  I don’t think there’s any shame in that.

When I got home on Friday night, I met my family at church for our annual variety show.  As is common with our family, we all came from different places (my mom and me from the airport, Brooke from work, and my dad from his work), so we occupied three parking spaces for our 4-person family.  Two of those cars arrived at home within a few minutes of each other.

Brooke took the long way home, and when she got there, she presented me with these.


(not a direct quote, but close enough) “You need to practice holding these. You’re going to have to be good at it since I want you to be my maid of honor.” (insert big smile and diamond ring on left hand)

So I beamed and gave a high-pitched scream from the back of my throat like I do every time we talk about the wedding (since it’s a real thing now that’s going to happen).  It wasn’t really a surprise since we determined our mutual MOH status years ago before a wedding was even really a reality. (though she’ll be a matron of honor at mine… as stuffy and old as that sounds)

Still, there’s just something about reality that gets me excited.  Virtual is nice.  Planning ahead is nice.  But, man, that reality is just fabulous.  This holds true for things like cheese, too.  I used to think that Velveeta was great.  (now I have nothing but contempt for the cheese-flavored glue that delighted me so much in childhood)  But now, oh Cheddar.  Oh, Mozzarella.  Those guys are the real deal.

It’s nice to dream, to plan, to wonder about the future.  It’s good, even.  Reality wouldn’t be what it is if people didn’t dream and plan and wonder.  But the reality of the present, whether in pleasure or pain, is just solid.  That’s what’s real.

And for today and the next ten months,  part of my reality is sister of the bride. Excuse me, I need to practice carrying my bouquet and walking slowly.


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