Anchors aweigh.

Colds come at inopportune times, like the day before you have a big day of travel.  Also, bridge construction happens at inopportune times.  But, today, I’m determined that nothing will stop me from getting to Midway in time for my flight.  I’ve got Sudafed.  Since I ran out of tissues, I don’t have those at the moment, but Liesel’s coming to my rescue on that one.  I’ve got my CTA pass.  I’ve got the will to brave public transportation with two bags, and I’ve got the confidence that Jesus is going with me.

That’s pretty much all you need.  Plus a reason to get home.

My heart went ahead of me to Minnesota.  I’m practically already there.

And, since there’s a big bubble of sinus issues going on in my head, that’s pretty much all I have to say today.  If you need more to read today or would just like to know why I’m so gung-ho to get to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, read this post.

Anchors aweigh, blast-off, flight attendants prepare for departure, *doors closing* (CTA reference), and off I go!


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